Solid Waste Management

The purpose of this web site is to raise public awareness of local solid waste resources. Please check out our "What's New" section to the right to keep up-to-date on what is happening in the community and department.

The Solid Waste Division falls under the jurisdiction of the Bay County Board of County Commissioners.

Hazardous Waste

What you don't know may hurt you and your environment. Find the correct procedures for disposal restrictions and hazardous waste.

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Recycling Programs

Recycling is a powerful tool in solid waste management, and the Bay County Recycling Program encourages all citizens to participate by taking their recyclables to one of the recycling drop-off sites.

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Recycling Symbols

These two internationally recognized symbols illustrate the need for citizens to not only collect and reprocess recyclables but to also reuse.

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Contact Us

We hope this Website will help inform and educate the citizens of Bay County, Florida. If you have questions regarding solid waste management, contact us either by phone at 1-850-236-2212 or

Solid Waste Division
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